Our Top 5 Fun Virtual Team Games

We are always on the lookout for wonderful experiences for our guests at The Manor Holcombe to enjoy during their stay.

Our latest find is already proving to be popular. It is a fabulous business that creates fun, virtual and in-person team games using the latest technology.

Brilliant for all types of breaks, the games vary to suit different groups. From fun and easy games for multi-generational family holidays to more challenging activities for team-building breaks with colleagues, there is something for everyone.

Each activity is unique. Test your code-cracking or general knowledge skills. Unleash your inner detective or solve a mysterious crime. It is all done together in the comfort of The Manor Holcombe.

To give you a taste of what’s on offer, here are our Top 5 fun virtual team games:

1 - Manor House Murder Mystery Game

The Manor Holcombe is the perfect setting for this virtual murder mystery holiday experience set in a manor house! 

How it works: Channel your inner Agatha Christie and gather your guests in the drawing-room to play this interactive, problem-solving, team game. The experience is designed to test your crime-solving skills. Using augmented reality to reveal hidden clues, players work together to unlock and examine key evidence such as suspect interviews and witness statements.

Explore the crime scene via an interactive map. Complete tasks and challenges to acquire evidence and assist with your investigation. Work your way through a myriad of clues by tapping on the different rooms and witness cards throughout the game. 

The aim of the game: By examining all the evidence, you identify the weapon, murderer and motive before you run out of time.

2 - Art Heist Virtual Escape Room

The Manor Holcombe is adorned with an eclectic collection of eye-catching artworks, so it is ideal for this fabulous escape room game!

How it works: You have been framed for a crime, an elaborate art heist, while the actual criminal walks free. Crack the code and escape before the police arrive and time runs out. It is an engaging team game hosted by a virtual event manager. Designed to test your creative problem-solving skills, you complete a series of puzzles and cryptic tasks. 

The aim of the game: The goal is to escape a locked study before you run out of time. Using your own smart devices, you progress through three stages and break the code as quickly as you can, while correctly completing a series of challenges.

3 - Team Quiz - Through the Decades

This fun and nostalgic quiz is a hit with our guests. Three-generation family groups love it. Team up young children, tweens or teens with someone from an older generation so they can pull their knowledge, win the game and have fun together.

How it works: A time-travelling trivia challenge testing your knowledge from the swinging 60’s through to the 00’s. Hosted by a quiz master, players have three rounds of trivia and tasks on film, music and gadgets from each decade. Bonus points are awarded for wit, creativity and teamwork.

Aim of the game: Win the game with the greatest number of correct answers and talent, playing against the clock.

4 – Spy School

The ultimate James Bond-esque experience! Learn to be a spy in the setting of The Manor Holcombe, the quintessential English manor house. 

How it works: A high-energy challenge where you learn to become top undercover agents. An espionage expert will kick off your training with a top-secret briefing, detailing your first official covert mission. Decipher your way through three levels of top-secret tasks and crack cryptic clues. Prepare your best disguises for creative challenges too. Race against the clock to earn your badges and embark on your first mission.

The aim of the game: Achieve top spy status by completing your training, earning badges and solving the case, all before you run out of time.

5 - Festive Social

The Manor Holcombe is a wonderful venue to enjoy the lead-up to Christmas. This group activity is guaranteed to bring a bit of festive cheer to your gathering.

How it works: A virtual social organiser kicks off the festivities. Split into teams and earn points to complete three rounds of Christmas trivia. Packed with fun, the festive social includes creative challenges on music and films, plus ‘race against the clock’ tasks. 

The aim of the game: Beat your opponents and win the most points to be the Christmas champions.

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